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Originally Posted by capricorny View Post
No rules, no game.

If there are no rules at all, how can you tell polyamory from anything else?

How can you explain that non-monogamous child abusers are not "polyamorous"? (AAO, Friedrichshof) OK, polyamorists are subject to ordinary moral rules, mostly. There you have one, thugh very incomplete .

And how, then about polygamy, Arabian style?

And if the basic rule is that you are not allowed to make ANY rules in the name of polyamory, as seems to be the case for many here, then you surely
have a rule. An extremely strict one, too. So that lots of non-monogamous people can not live with it. Including me.
I'm sorry, my life is not a game. I have my own description of my polyamorous life, but I don't follow anyone elses rules except my own. Other peoples idea are interesting and I use them to mould my own path, but I don't hold them as law.

The only foundation of poly that I can think of, and I think *foundation* IS the word to describe it, is that poly is based on open communication, empathy, mutual respect, love, caring, self confidence and honesty.

This is not unique to poly, but any solid relationship. That doesn't make it a rule, but the foundation to a good relationship.

Perhaps a new thread is in order cap?
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