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There are so many great opinions on this. It sounds to me like it really depends on the situation and intent.

The reason I originally posted this thread was because I had just found out that my husband and Morningglory had sex in our house, prior to me asking them not to. He hadn't told me because there was nothing he could do to change that and he didn't want to hurt my feelings just to ease his guilt. It has not happened since I asked them not to. I wasn't upset when he first told me - but it was something that I had thought about for a few days afterwards.

At the same time - I had looked at texts between my husband and MG eventhough I told both of them I wouldn't. I was feeling extreme guilt for betraying their trust and privacy but I was afraid to tell them that I screwed up again. I told my husband the same night he told me what he had done. We have ALWAYS been honest with each other - and we both felt guilt for keeping something from the other. At the time I had posted this thread - MG did not know I looked at their texts. So I did not come out in the post as also keeping something from my husband. He was upset by this - so since I have since told MG - I wanted to clear this up so as not to make my husband seem like the only one who kept a secret. I'm sorry baby! I hope this clears things up.

He kept this secret from me - so as to not hurt my feelings or cause me pain.
I kept my secret from him - so that he wouldn't be mad at and disappointed in me. It was dishonest and self-preserving.

Whose intent for keeping a secret was worse? Mine. And for that, I am sorry.

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