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Default No rules, no game

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Where do these come from and who created them? There are no Poly experts to my knowledge, no people who own the term or define it with any authority. There are some zealous poly theorists and people who express how poly should be based on limited life experiences and feel their interpretation is the right one (But for the most part they are easily identified and dismissed).

I think I took this comment out of context and apologize if I did my friend. It happens
No rules, no game.

If there are no rules at all, how can you tell polyamory from anything else?

How can you explain that non-monogamous child abusers are not "polyamorous"? (AAO, Friedrichshof) OK, polyamorists are subject to ordinary moral rules, mostly. There you have one, thugh very incomplete .

And how, then about polygamy, Arabian style?

And if the basic rule is that you are not allowed to make ANY rules in the name of polyamory, as seems to be the case for many here, then you surely
have a rule. An extremely strict one, too. So that lots of non-monogamous people can not live with it. Including me.
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