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Default Basic symmetry: Looks the same from different viewpoints

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Oh my, I don't think I follow at all ! LOL I read it a couple of times too.

I think I want the objects to look different afterwards... that is far as I understand. heh. sorry,
OK - let's take the simple and all-important transformation then: Change of viewpoints.

Take traditional polygamy: He is allowed to have several wives, maybe take another one. The wives are not.
From his viewpoint: YOU are NOT allowed to
From hers: You are allowed to.
Basic difference, violation of symmetry.

And the theme here, something similar:
He: You are not allowed to have another dick than mine.
She: You are allowed to have another pussy than mine.
Symmetry violation

Or, paraphrased from another active thread:
She1: Me and Y have gotten into a romantic engagement, and now we try to involve She2, Y's partner in a poly relationship, but she doesn't know about the engagement. We have already spent the night together, the three of us.
She2: I think She1 is becoming a great friend and play partner of mine!
Symmetry here?

Or, maybe less evident, paraphrased from yet another one:
She: I'm scared as hell about poly. My basic position is that we need to agree on very high security/safety standards. I accept your need for multiple partners, but I have a need for safety rules.
He: "Because rules make life safe, and that's why insecure people need them. While, i don't think that's fair, it's inevitable really." I don't really accept your need for rules, and it's your duty to work on that, but I'll keep them for now.
She: I accept your needs, and here are mine.
He: Here are my needs. I don't really accept yours, it's not fair.
Symmetry violation 1: He is given a right to needs that she is denied.
Violation 2: She is straightforward about her position, he isn't really straightforward about his real position.

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