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there has to be a better term than "single" for someone with many lovers... seriously, is there not some other term? I don't know of one... anyone?

As for the questions at hand. I see Mono and Nerdist everyday. I see Derby about once a week... sometimes more, sometimes less. I see my tersiary every two weeks,,, right now every week. I have an on going date with another man for once a month. We see it as dating, but we have not and will not ever have sex. We call it non sexual wife swapping (nsws) as his wife sees Nerdist under similar pretenses.. although I don't think they are as close as me and this man are. I also have an on-line submissive. Who perhaps one day will be in my life for real. he lives here, but his life is not ready to have me be a full time mistress to him. I doubt very much at this point that he is ready for that, so we are seeing where it will go.

How's that for a long answer...

really it's up to you and whomever you are involved with.
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