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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I feel most connected to things when I am moving in some way or experiencing things with my senses.

Back to your thread Roly...

I'm spiritually rooted to the person I love...I'm physically rooted to the world. When I kiss Redpepper it is more spiritual and "Utopian"...when I ride motorbike it is more physical and grounded in the earth. Both are intense connections but my earth connection is primitive and aggressive and my spiritual connection is enlightened and beyond animal instinct.

I'm a mix and seem to move in and out of phase with each depending on how I feel and who I am with.

When I am at work my earth grounding is at the forefront because that is the environment. When I am with Redpepper and family I am spiritually grounded because it is safe to be vulnerable in that way. Spiritually grounded people get eaten alive in my work place LOL!

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