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America's way of life is based on God and religion. All family life is based around that premise. Sure there are more and more people with each generation (like myself) who are eschewing those old ways and setting off on new trails (like the poly community of today) but it may well take many more generations and a more widespread disinclination toward formal religion, for any major mainstreaming of the poly lifestyle to occur. Of course, radical changes to our way of life by global catastrophe, food shortages, economic collapse, etc would throw many of us together into communal like communities quicker and maybe hasten the overall change in society leading to more poly, but I digress!

Sorry to get off topic. For now, all we can do for our kids is teach and lead by example. If they see love and respect, they'll be loving and respectful. Sounds like some of you fellow parents here are doing a fine job. To the others, it can be daunting and take more time to teach and acclimate your kids to doing things differently in society, but it can have great rewards. We do it already in many ways by teaching about avoiding drugs or driving drunk, etc. What's a little more teaching or parenting?

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