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Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post
someone SHOULD write a poly handbook. In my personal experience, explaining this poly side of me, is that talking about why the world is round 100's of years ago. If someone could write CWG-like book about polyamory, it'd be alot easier hahaha.
hmmm...not to be the devils advocate...but let me play the poly is not your poly and yours is not someone elses. To explain the pure basic of it

loving multiple people

is easy...but past that, I haven't found many like myself. Nor my wife....past that, RP (sorry just using her as a descriptive example) is different than others etc. Poly, unless you are willing to fall inline with a specific docturine does not apply to everyone. Find solace in how you see it happening for you...and work with that. Understand the basics of it and build your foundation, ideally with following some guidelines that may help you

All that said, and the reason I said it, that handbook would be huge...eastern philosophy...hippy...pagan...non-monogamists who found love....ethical sluts...etc...
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