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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
Personally, I think there's a poly/mono scale much like the hetero/homo one Kinsey developed. Some people are stuck on one side or the other, so much so that they can't conform to dominant social pressure on the matter. Some are in the middle, often leaning in one direction but sometimes truly able to go either way.
I would say this is probably true, but not sure what a polyamory/mono chart would look like. I created one based on the Kinsey scale for hetorsexual/homosexual. (See the attachment.) The top is hetro/homo and the bottom is poly/mono. Maybe that's what it would be like???

Anyway....the other thing to remember is that sometimes we change. At one time in my life, I considered myself to be a 6 on the Kinsey scale (exclusively homosexual) and I was in a monogamous lesbian relationship for 12 years. But, after that ended I have lived an exclusively heterosexual the other end of the scale.....being in only heterosexual monogamous it's all open!!

So based on that, I guess I would say that "Everyone is Bisexual and Polyamory Underneath".....NOT
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