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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
People who can't be bothered (or don't know) proper english punctuation and can't be bothered to learn.

It's and its
there, their and they're
using apostrophes on plurals "I am going to have bagel's"

Using txt speak ("r u going 2nite?") in online forums and other places where there is no limit on number of characters in a message.
Ciel - you took mine! This is my biggest pet peeve. On Facebook - someone I went to high school with does this all the time and it makes him look soooo unintelligent!

rode - road He said "I road my bike today." Really???
accept - except
your - you're
through - threw
are - our
very - vary

These are some that I have noticed he does and that I have seen on here occasionally.

And text speak - hate it! I told my 11 year old daughter that I better not catch her doing this. If she sends me a text that has u, r, btw - I make her resend it written correctly.

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