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Originally Posted by surfer View Post
I was talking to a friend about polyamory and he said "well it's not really a girlfriend if you only see her once a week" and I certainly don't agree with that, but I do think he has a point that in the mono world, girlfriend/boyfriend is someone you're seeing several times a week.

Are their poly folks who also see their non-live-in secondary partners ever few days? I have the feeling the more common scenario is seeing them every week or two, but wanted to get input from y'all.

(oh and if someone has already asked this, sorry and just point me to the thread, I couldn't find this question in the archives)
This probably isn't going to be a useful answer at all. I would say enough to maintain a healthy relationship without taking away from other relationships. For me it varies with the week and with what else is going on in everyone's lives.

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