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I don't think you are really poly, just poly inclined/oriented, when this could be an issue, and even the biggest.
I think you're sort of assuming what the "issue" was, in stating that i'm not poly. I'M POLY, but she's not. And right now we're in a wonderful/rocky relationship.

The questions asked to comment on, are for the most part, in the past. However one of the things we constantly talked about is kids. What if there was a mistake? What if condoms broke, and minds were changed about keeping it. All sorts of crazy hypothetical situations. To her, getting into a poly dynamic was getting into it knowing there was a possibility for alot of things to happen, and that scared her. Yes, in theory the kid issue is easy. You set rules, you govern them, and everything is alright. But shit happens...and i'm sure alot of people on here can tell you that. And she's smart enough to know that too. Alot of her worries were based on fear obviously, but it's one of the many things we talked about, and also one of her biggest concerns...stuff that lands in the "shit happens" category.

In any case, it's just something I wanted to get people's opinions on. How would you discuss it? What would you say? What do you think? It's great for reflection, and future discussions with other poly couples and people.
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