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You are making a lot of broad sweeping generalizations based on something you believe. As a poly person I can appreciate the core of what you are saying but my parents would disagree and I would agree with them. I disagree with the multitude of "everyone" statements.

Don't put your beliefs on other people...its annoying. Religion has been doing this for years, zealots and the like.

Reading this reminds me of those people that claim everyone is bi-sexual (the real great ones say only women are all bi-sexual)...this just isn't true either.

There is no one thing in personality or behaviour and their combinations, anywhere that applies to everyone. Gotta love being human eh?

As an aside, there are a number of mono people here trying to deal with their partner being poly. Read through some threads and their pain of just not getting it. Can't fathom polyamory..its just not in their wiring. You kind of insult them by claiming "everyone is poly, they just haven't found it/loved it/lived it/discovered it"

Applying polyamory to children is grand...but children are different than "loves"...polyamory for me is about romantic/sexual/intimate relationships.

I also have to say, this discussion, as it continues will likely shed light onto why I am not out as "poly" but out as "open"...poly is vague, left to interpretation and has a large number of people that view poly as very different than I do. I identify as poly simply because of my experience of being in love with two people at once...I don't identify with it because I intend to walk around loving everyone in their own way. Its just not my thing.

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