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Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, while I didn't expect anything sugar coated as a response I suppose the situation is somethimes a little hard to verbalise, yes we knowing built up a romantic conection he never has cheated nor did he veiw what we were doing as cheating please read a previous post-we have all sleept together more than once anything physical just the two of us have slipped into we have regreted-it simply was what it was and naturally developed, as neither of us had even heard of polyamory until I found this web site we have no idea how these things work or how they become succesful- thats why I take very seriously what everyone says on here to contemplate.
but I do have to say in our defence, we arent lying around after a sordid affair scheming, we simply have been honest about the need to be in each others lives..... he wants to move forward into a relationship so he can be honest and share the love with all of us together-we know there is something we can all bring to table. I trust him when he says its too soon to bring up "oh by the way ive potentialy invited someone else to join our relationship" with her thats why I have started to be freinds with her he and I do limmit our contact and the contact we have--- she knows about. We see it as a slow process to eventually having it all in the open and being able to share when the time is right.... if you all honestly think we should go to her tommrow and tell her that he and I are in love would she would stick around? not likley she needs a chance to see Im a kind and loving person and I want to make her as happy as I do him, and I would also like to add, I really like her and I enjoy the time we spend together, weve all slept together at the same time and ive stayed the night in thier bed shes not completley 'out of the loop' things are as open as they can be for now, if she eventually says she wants me in thier life, I will be so happy I can't describe it, if we move too fast and she says no..... that I will regret.
But once again, thank you all for the feedback it really is a life saver at the moment.... even if somethings said are a little mean x x Pickles.
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