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Default Finding Myself in Europe


I guess you could say that I'm new to the Polyamory idea more than the lifestyle, I've been practicing the lifestyle for a few years now but always under the misguided interpretation that I was attempting to find a lasting relationship with one person.

I've just recently come to realize that my spirit and my beliefs favor being able to be free to love and be loved be by more than one person. I recently was introduced to a wonderful book about the polyamorous beliefs on open relationships and realized that this was the life I've been seeking for so many years.

I also just recently moved to the Tri-border area just outside of Sittard Netherlands so I am attempting to reach out and make contact with those who believe the same way as I do in hopes that I can better understand the new path before me.

I'm looking for people near me who can help to guide me and show me what it truly means to love free and to help me break out of the societal expectations of mono relationships.

Thanks, Look forward to getting know you all.

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