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Default One from the far north

I'm a 50+ Norwegian, super-nerdy I think someone would say, but with a lot of interests and activities. A time of relief in my life was when I first found polyamory mailing lists and sites on the emerging Internet in the mid-90es.

After all, I was not just another dysfunctional monogamist, there were probably thousands like me out there! I knew I wasn't that dysfunctional relationship-wise, in fact I had understood that I had some talents and skills in that field. But that tendency to always be, in principle, open to new relationships, in spite of being in a good one.. I knew it was not just male fucking-around behavior. Because in that pattern, men tend to avoid the relationship part, while that always was important to me.

For years, I followed discussion groups, made some modest attempts at polyamory myself (didn't work... you can't do it halfway), but was by no means sure about how important this was to me. I had found myself a diagnosis of my "deviant" inclinations, that was what mattered most.

Three years ago, I decided now was the time to try it in a more serious way, and I'm still in the V we formed then. One leg is my life partner of 30+ years, she is personally not very poly-inclined, but has acknowledged how this has boosted the development of our (very) long-term relationship. The other is a woman with very much the same inclinations as me, poly-wise, though we have lots of differences in most other fields. We have a blog together, in Norwegian, "Magic Penny", dedicated to polyamory and relationships:

Feel free to contact me if there is something you'd like to talk about. I'm not always in the mood for sex, but more or less constantly in the mood for communication, with seemingly insatible needs there ;-)

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