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you need to tell her what's up!!!!! like, NOW!!!! take it from someone who has gone through this and FAILED HORRIBLY ONCE. DON'T MAKE SCHEMES!!! What's fueling you're logic right now in your wondering amazing New Relationship Emotion, and a fear of solid truth; and it seems logical to work around the situation to make things "easy", BUT YOU ARE WRONG! The only option you guys have is
1. He needs to explain to his g/f that he is poly.
2. They need to work on THEIR relationship if she wants to continue a poly relationship. and work about making their relationship work with a poly dynamic.
3. You come into the picture and more talking/crying/akwardness

schemes rarely work, and they're dishonest, let's not kid ourselves. And I see her freaking out when she finds out you guys have been intimate without her knowing...
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