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Wow, this is something to think about! Good responses so far, everyone.

Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
I never liked the "dating scene" and I suppose you could call me, up to this point, a serial monogamist. I prefer being in a relationship then just dating. Although as a growing person, I'm willing to make exceptions as long as it stays within the agreed boundaries.

I think I would prefer a triad, perhaps even a house sharing triad. I would love for both of my men to be "Primaries" although that kinda goes against the meaning of the word, but that is how I feel about both of them.
Emphasis is mine. My fiance and I are definitely not keen on the dating scene, although he's had much more experience than I have. I tend to date my friends and have never actually been on a first date!

We, too, are interested in a triad. A V arrangement would not be suitable for either of us. We are not looking into polyamory for multiple partners or to form an open marriage... I believe poly-fidelity is the term for what we're looking for?

He is heterosexual, and I have no desire to add more men into my life. I am wishing to explore my bisexuality and find the idea of a girlfriend very exciting, emotionally as well as sexually. (More so emotionally, though!) My fiance is my best friend, yes, but he is a man and fundamentally there are just some things we cannot share. I think fondly of what nice experience it would be to have another woman in my life that I feel as strongly for as I do for him.
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