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There is a difference between Master/slave and Dom/sub.

As to the details-there are a lot of details that depend upon the people involved. If you pull (and there are many so I won't torment all of you with lists of links) D/s contracts they leave open the possibilities of what is and what is not acceptable in any given D/s relationship, whether it's only as long as one scene at one event or long lasting or 24/7.

Additionally-almost ALL of them include the stipulation of a time frame and or circumstance for changing details of the contract.

As for the details of mine and Maca's-I'm not willing to share what we do or don't participate in, because as of yet we haven't consummated a permanent contract. We're in the stage of identifying what things are and what things are not hard limits. So it's impossible to say what is or is not part of our D/s.

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I am not trying to be catty. I just find it VERY intriquing and curious how few people seem to be able to live like this...
Just to be clear-when I wrote the above sentence, I wasn't refering to people being unable to live a D/s or BDSM lifestyle, or a poly lifestyle.

I was referring to people being unable to just be themselves in real life with the people that they encounter.

For me-if I walk out of my front door with bruises on my body put there because I wanted them there, then so be it (which I did this week often).
If I want to walk out there and kiss my bf AND my DH so be it. (which I didn't do this week).

But whatever it is that makes me ME, that's who I am and I find it astonishing how few people live as themselves in their "real" lives.

We don't do scenes, or clubs or social events and we don't put on a show for others.

But it's not strictly kept to our "private life" either.

We do have rules for public and private behavior and agreements that we have already made that include restrictions/obligations that others can and do notice publicly.
But we don't do them for that purpose, nor do we feel like we need to explain ourselves to them.
IF they ask I am inclined to answer honestly-but I don't care one way or the other what they think about it and it won't change how I react.

For example-there is one part of our D/s relationship that he can request I do anytime-and he found it quite fascinating to do so at church. It's not a church "appropriate" activity-but I don't ever refuse. EVER. Which would be why I did it in church a week ago.

It caught attention-someone asked me about it. My reply was "M says so, s obeys." End of conversation.
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