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Default Elaborated FB Status

I remember telling DDial "I'm bisexual". Somehow the [not] "secret" got out, and I attempted to set the record "straight" by posting a disclaimer in my "message" slot (you would type /m# (# = any number or letter) and a custom announcemt would scroll across the screen at 300 baud). Mine said "Yes I'm bisexual, I don't care who finds out, so stop acting like you have access to classified information" or something like that.

Immediately, the board was split into 3 kinds of people: Those who didn't give a shit, those who thought it was awesome and said "me too", and those who began to haze and harass me with "choose a sex, Neon" and "why would a woman want to lick another woman's pussy".

As for the last one, I'm here today to say "why WOULDN'T she?"
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