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LR, I think they don't live like your definition because it seems to me that your definition doesn't include certain aspects. Actually, from what I understand, and I must admit I don't quite understand, some people live in relationships where one is more dominant than the other and they think that is how it is or should be. All the while not being aware of Ds lifestyles.

The full on Ds relationships I have experienced have been very much about a kind of service that includes humiliation, depriviation, pain, and complete submission of everything. I don't practice that with any of my partners at the moment, but hope to work with a man that has come into my life in that way.
Really, if you were completely submissive in the way I am used to, maca would dictate when, how long and what you are allowed to say on here. You would refer to him as your master and would speak in terms of what master wants you to say and what master wants you to write. What you write would be masters thoughts, masters opinion, not your own.

What you describe as your Ds relationship is unique, and all yours, but a much milder version than I am accustomed to.

Actually, truth be told, your relationship on the outside seems similar to mine in that I tell my partners how I want to be dominated. To me, in my life, that is still being dominant because I am still telling them what to do. Sometimes my dominancy comes from the above description.
Again, I await more details of your version that only come from being around each other. Perhaps all will be revealed more when we are together. Even so, what you require and develop is all yours and therefore not necessarily feasable or desirable to others.
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