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Originally Posted by capricorny View Post
It has been mentioned here that if you are all comfortable with the one-dick setting, it's OK. I disagree, for principal reasons. You can choose to run a one-dick policy for some time, and that will be just fine. But if you are not, in principle, free to change that "default setting", it's polygamy (here polygyny) and has nothing to do with polyamory whatsoever. The symmetry is basic to polyamory. You can't give it up, and still think you have the real thing. But it cannot simply be enforced, human beings must be given the time to adapt to new situations, and polyamory settings tend to be somewhat new all the time..
Can you elaborate on what you mean here?
I'm interested, but not sure I understand what you are saying.
For example, we have a MMF relationship dynamic. Not because of a rule-but because Maca doesn't feel like he's ready to bring another woman into the dynamic yet. He's interested, but feels he has some personal issues to resolve before looking for another relationship. GG just isn't interested.
So in theory-it could be this way forever. Not out of a double standard though....
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