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Oh, I don`t hide from meeting people,..not at all. I should clarify.

I meant in 'forums'.... I tend to stay out of the forum threads.

This place, is one of few places I have found, where there isn`t to much in politics. Of course there is some in every crowd, no place is immune. Here, it just doesn`t seem to be overwhelming.

I have no urge to beat people over the head with my opinion. I am of the 'Live and let live' variety.

I`ve always said 'There is a difference between having a opinion, and being opinionated. I seek the people that understand that difference. '

BDSM by nature, is a hard place to avoid opinionated people.

I definetly agree about enjoying being around people of like minds. My husband and I, have for the past year, enjoyed making new friends with our move to Calgary.
Friends, where we don`t have to 'hide' a certain aspect of ourselves.

It is a wonderful thing, to just be yourself, and know those around you, 'get it'. It can bring about a type of inner peace, that I highly endorse.
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