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Default New to this... confused

Hi all - I'm going to sort of dump a bunch of info on you here, so apologies in advance.

Anyway, my wife considered herself bi-curious for years until we went to a strip club and a generous stripper showed her a very good time (they have nude private dances in a back room).

So, now fully bisexual, we began negotiating about various tryst possibilities and I realized that I was interested, too. We were married young and I'd been very shy with women in my high school days so my wife was the only woman I'd done anything sexual with my whole life, which is something that had always nagged at me a little even though I tried not to think about it.

We've sort of adventured a little since then - discovered a big mutual crush in one case, got asked out (we think, though it's a little confusing) by a bi-sexual girl, and have generally been trying to get our heads together.

Now my wife has all sorts of bisexual support forums to post on... but I'm not bisexual... I'm just supportive of her and liking the idea of a girlfriend.

Does that make me poly? I thought maybe that did but I'm not sure.

Any thoughts and/or helpful advice would be appreciated...
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