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Default Why bother ?

I read the OP start to that thread like a 'vent'.

Most people vent out their insecurities and frustrations. To engage in her faulty logic, and make it a 'debate' contributes to those insecurites.

She wants to find fault with other peoples contributions, to convince herself, that her fears and anger are justified.

Enough people post, and then that kind of person can find fault in anything. Usually people that feel that obviously threatened, are harbouring and hating themselves for secret desires,....
I hope, that her post is actually her starting to come to terms with other aspects of the lifestyle, and she is reaching out. I`d hope for the positive.

..thats my 2 cents anyhow.

While I engage in a D/s poly lifestyle, I try to keep my head mostly out of "The Community"...just for this reason,...So many people trying to fit everyone else, in nice, little, cookie-cutter packages, so they don`t have to feel threatened by anothers differences.

The twist is ; when you do find great minded people, is soooooo fantastic.
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