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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
It's probably better if your husband absorbs the idea at his own pace and makes the decision easy for you and Mono. As you say, it's a work in wife likes to say that even though we're all living together, it's still an "engagement" period. The rings will come later, when she's ready.
yes, I kind of wondered if perhaps it was fast when you said it had been since the new year that you three had changed the status of your relationship. I know you have all known each other for many years, but I considered that perhaps that didn't make it any easier. I hope that you are able to ride it out for now, the intensity must be difficult sometimes if you are all under the same roof. I know we here need our down time away from each other in order to think things out and check in with ourselves. Being always together would make that difficult.

I think about the basic things when I think about all living together. Mono is a keener when it comes to fixing things and I wouldn't want ot him to start in on that here.... we are both not and there is a lot to do... that kind of thought process. We would have to have a long talks about expectations around so many things. yes, I think that can all wait for now as I am enjoying having another home to be at and my time just with my married family at the moment.
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