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I like mantras, frankly I have so many negative voices in my head that I have to combat them *somehow*.

The sacrifice cycle is also something that happens to mothers. Mothers sacrifice for their children, that's what they're supposed to *do*. The best thing we can do for our children is to break *that* cycle and teach them that it's okay for mothers to communicate their needs, and that it is actually beneficial for mothers to make sure that their needs get met. I made the mistake of living in the sacrifice cycle for 13 years...and now my kids don't really know what to make of me. But I hope I'm teaching them that it's okay for moms to be human.

I tried really hard not to go off on a tangent, but I feel strongly about this. And it kind of relates, right? Mothers who don't take care of themselves set up unrealistic expectations in their children, which then cause the children to expect perfection and be unforgiving when they don't achieve it. Thus if the relationship can't be perfect, you throw it in the trash. See how I tied that in? I'm on fire tonight.
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