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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
...BUT making it last requires a willingness on ALL parties sides to put for the effort in ALL relationships. Most people these days aren't willing to do that in ONE relationship (i.e. the high rate of divorce), so there aren't going to be a LOT of us who manage that in more than one relationship...
I have a theory about this which I have expounded on relentlessly until Easy's ears bleed.

All of the romantic movies, what do they show? They show romantic relationships that are easy. They show people who only fight about superficial things, who come to compromises easily, who sacrifice their own happiness for the happiness of their loved ones. So people think that love should come easy, and that they should never have to actually work on their relationship if it's "real" love. When they actually have to work at the relationship, they think that it can't possibly be "real" love, and they quit. Or they think, I'll give up my dreams, what I want, and my sense of self for this other person because "that's what love does". But we all know that sacrificing yourself constantly is usually a great way to build resentment. Then they think, "I gave up all of this for you, and you didn't do anything for me". Who would want to be with that? It takes a long time for some people to grow up enough to know that the movies are not real love, and some people never reach that point.
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