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Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post
I suppose i concede that point to your more wise comment. I guess that was my point in posting was because, those were some issues I never managed to argue with confidence. The idea that we're young commonly comes to mind because she seemed to have a larger amount and variety of issues than any person i've ever talked to you or seen have on a forum :/ And mostly people i've talked to or seen were older. But I digress.
Confidence in debate comes from knowing your point and believing it and knowing you opponent. Friends, family, lovers...if you know what you know and want, and believe it to be true than you walk in with confidence.

Keeping in mind, its alright to admit you are wrong

by asking questions, you are getting some of your are also getting a variety of answers that will give you the ability to form your own perspective...

Digress away...we all seem to do it
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