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I think we should ask Ygirl to pull a couple of the posts off the thread on "from another site" to here. They are so pertinent and educational.

If you asked ANYONE in my life a year ago-they would ALL say I would be a Natural Dom.
Always in control, always in charge, always responsible for everything going on around me and everyone too.

I think both GG and Maca were shocked sick when I told them I wanted THEM to be dual Dom's to me.

They never got to "them" they got stuck in 'YOU a SUB?!"

Maca came to terms fairly quickly, because he is a natural Dom and was interested in doing it.
GG is afraid he can't Dom at all-because there are aspects that don't work for him naturally. He hasn't as of yet taken time to find out what things I am interested in doing with him. If he ever does-he'll find out quickly that it's not an issue.

I wanted to be Dom'd but I'm not a moron-I wouldn't pick a Dom who couldn't provide what I need.

(was that rude? It wasn't meant to be)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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