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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I don't think it's impossible at all. Besides LR, I know of another Domme who lives a 24/7 D/s lifestyle with one submissive and has a second partner with whom she does not live.

24/7 isn't the same as TPE (total power exchange). 24/7 means the D/s extends beyond the scenes into everyday life. TPE means the Dom has the right to control each and every aspect of the submissives life, should They choose to do so. Within 24/7, there is still room to negotiate which aspects of the sub's life the Dom will be permitted to control. This does not preclude negotiating the right to have a romantic relationship with someone else, which will not be controlled by the Dom. A loving Dom would not want to stand in the way of their sub's full happiness and living up to their full potential.
I agree it would be more possible/feasible if you didn't all live together, but we do.
It's not impossible for it to be PRIMARILY Maca and I. But inevitably it does impact GG-so he has to at least be ok with it as it does come out in our day to day life and he's a MAJOR part of our day to day life.

But as you noted-it's not TPE. I couldn't do that. Too much responsibility of my own in this world to find that acceptable.
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