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There's obvious power struggles here, insecurities, fears etc and those are all things we strive to banish in our lives.
I completely agree. I like to think i know about this type of thing, and it happens so much. Guys who don't really "get" the whole poly thing but who really just think it's awesome they get to have 2 chicks. It pisses me off because it's my fantasy(yes fantasy) since I was like 10 to basically be in love with 2 woman and 1 guy
You're DH has no right to "impose his might" on you and "forbid" you. That's ridiculous. Conflicting wants and needs, need to be EXTENSIVELY talked about and managed carefully with a slow-fast progressive solution or balance. No, "no, i will not allow that!" BS...

sorry...I'm just really anti-double standard. I get enough small ones from my girlfriend to hear about more horrible ones on here.

Some major over-haul of your needs and wants needs to be had in your over-all relationships.
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