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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
How's that for compersion and metamour friendship

I hate that word "metamour" by the way..but like many labels it explains things.
I'm still reading the rest of the threads but I just wanted to sounds like some kind of transformer or anime character. :P

Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
I'm also finding it interesting that my feelings extend beyond how I feel about one person. How do I explain this... (splaying myself so openly on here had better help someone who stumbles onto this site and finds him/herself in a similar situation because this is intense and vulnerable and... phew... ). I'm developing feelings for not only how I feel about what I know of Nerdist, in and of himself, as a person, and the way we connect, but also for his relationship to RP, to his son and to the life he's created. Does that make any sense? Somehow I worry that this is a sign of something wrong because I know that I would feel differently if we were two single people hooking up.

I'm going to say it: is this normal?!
I think it is normal. The more you learn about a person and their life and the people in it the more opportunity you have to form emotional connections with every part of it and because life is never just about one thing, why should there should be just one feeling for all aspects of Nerdist and his life?

Is that at all helpful?

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