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Originally Posted by Quath View Post

In a monogamous view, people want the best person they can get. They have to be the best in all fields. They have to be the most attractive, funniest, entertaining, secure, etc person you can possible get. .
I have to disagree with you on this my friend. Monogamous people don't necassarily expect thier partner to be everything for them. In fact I don't know of any who expect this. The difference for a mono person is that although they may have a more "entertaining" friend that they like to hang out with, they don't need/want to have sex with them to feel like the relationship has reached it's potential....otherwise I would be fucking the guys I ride motorbike with because Redpepper can't ride.

Mono wiring is very specific in that you form an intimate connection that makes you want to share yourself sexually. The need to sexually experience people and sexually share yourself is what ultimately defines the difference between mono and poly people.

Mono wired people want and do it with one, poly people want and do it with more than one.

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