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My way of explaining that there is no need to compare is this. My fiance... There is only one him in the entire world. Sure there may be someone who looks just like him, maybe in a physical sense this "twin" is trimmer and therefore I "should" be more drawn to this other one. But does this better looking man know me inside and out the way my fiance does? Was this man there for all of the memories that were created with my fiance? No. It was my fiance that embraced me and told me how beautiful our daughter was because when she was born I sobbed so much out of happiness my eyes clamped shut. HE is HE and there can only be one HIM. While there may be someone skinnier, harder, smarter... Ect ect ect. A blue eyed beauty will never have his brown eyes. Hell... A brown eyed beauty will never have HIS brown eyes. Basically just as he is unique in this world he will always be unique to me. I choose him specifically to be a partner in my life and I'm not looking to upgrade. And I feel the exact same way about my boyfriend, but about his own uniqueness. Fiance and BF are quite opposite. I feel this way with all people. My sisters are MY SISTERS. I'm sure there may be an even better sister out there, but I want these sisters. I love these sisters. I may find a friend in this world that I will one day consider a sister, but my other two sisters will always be my sisters. A new seat was made for this new sister she is in no way replacing another or filling in what another lacks.

And please understand my big MYs do not represent ownership. It's just emphasis.
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