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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

But I do think there is "more than" and "less than" when it comes to love. I don't believe that all love is the same intensity and there are just different "kinds" of love. Even within the same kind of love, romantic for example, you can love people to different degrees. Although they're not supposed to admit it, even most parents have one child that they favour over the others. This is normal. We're not robots, and love is not an "all or nothing" thing.

It seems to me, it's safer to admit that you can love people more or less, and to prioritize your life and decisions on that basis.
Hi Cat

I hear what you are saying here. I think this is one of those places where our usage of the language could take us in a lot of directions.

And it gets tangled up in our understanding and definition of the word "love". That's what makes it hard.

When you start subdividing the term into different "types" I can see where you could easily (and probably correctly) also see distinctions between different levels. We might "love" cats more than we love dogs etc. "Romantic" love might seem somehow at some different level than say......"platonic" love.

So it kind of depends on your understanding and definition of the word.

For some in the world the development of the ability to love on a broad scale tends to diminish or eliminate "level" in exchange for "types".
We love equally - but differently.

This in turn leads to different expression.

But I totally get what you are saying - and in the context you've chosen to frame it - maybe it makes sense.

But IS this our best shot ? Are these the boundaries we want to limit love to ?

I think that's one of those personal choices and one we get to live with the consequences of.

If that makes sense.

If we adhere to a model where more & less are primary components then that will be our experience - more or less.

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