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LR, you're right lol. I'm always Mr. Overdramatic, "sky is falling", all that bit. This might be a little worse than my typical disasters though, given that the only person I've ever really been close to for the past 11 years is taking off to be with someone else. I wouldn't be quite as discouraged, but I know at least on OKC that the fishing pond is pretty small down here, and I'm quickly running thin on options :P When I started this reply, it was sunshine and rainbows. Turned cloudy in six lines, must be a new record lol. Oh, and PS, like RP said, I'm 27. Be 28 in October.

Maca, thanks for the advice. I'm current flip flopping between wanting to be proud, stand up, and say "I'm poly!" for all the world to know, and crawling back with my tail between my legs and begging my wife to take me back if I try to be mono with her. I'll get it figured out eventually. :P Right now, it's a non issue, as T(my wife) said she won't even think about it for a year, and more probably it'll be five years or so before we might have another chance if she hasn't found happiness elsewhere.

RP, yeah, lol, I knew it. I was just astonished that anyone read and replied.
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