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I got started with bondage and fetish at 22 or 23...I had broken up with my first common-law wife...A girl from work and i got together and started playing around. It was supposed to be a purely, 4 month long, sexual relationship. We were both discovering things about ourselves and we experimented with everything. She was bi leaning towards lesbian and I was straight and as vanilla as you could get, just waiting to have fun.

Its at that time I discovered I like bondage, specifically bondage when combined with toy play. Throw a little sadism in there with the usual hot wax, cropping, flogging etc and it pretty much describes what I like ...

I would call myself more of a topping fetishist than anything. I will try pretty much anything once and tend to sway towards doing what the person I am topping wants. Definitely not a 24/7...but who knows as I go to more munches and meet more people, things might slide that way, especially if Pengrah can find someone she is compatible with to Top/dominate
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