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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
A lot of times (dare I say most times?) the person needs to be Dominant in their personal life as well, not just bedroom or kink.

You've heard the term 'true submissive?" (HUGE squick factor here btw. I HATE that term!) Some people claim that you can only be submissive if you it is in your blood, who you were born to be....BULL!!!!!
It could be a matter of semantics, but could "true" be interchanged with "natural"...I am a natural top/dom...I have 0 submissive tendencies...however i do have fantasies to submit...finding that right person, with the correct chemistry that might be able to do it...I usually say it would take a person built like Chyna (female wrestler) but I am just simplifying it for the masses.

Those same people saying that about submissives, also probably don't like switches ...I betcha a poly bi switch just fugs them right up Holy crap, choices...there are no choices..hahaha

I do believe, though, that there is a Dominant or submissive trait in all of us. Some have one or the other and some have a little bit of both.

Some things you can teach: properly wielding a flogger or cane, for example.

Some things can't be taught: how to Dominate someone. (There can be a fine line between domineering and Dominating though)
I would agree ...although, I still remember my first time with a crop actually, the striking came naturally to me. However, pengrah, well lets just say her first attempt at domination was not good. She really wants to dominate a woman...however she is going to have to find the right chemistry as she sways to the submissive side a little more
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