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Gist of it

A woman on this site saw a post about another woman looking for a 3rd for her and her husband. While not specifically looking for a threesome, she was in a OPP situation I suppose. But by her choice. She doesn't want another penis but likes women... There is a D/s situation in there too...but lets keep the explanation simple.

This person took severe offence and started spewing a lot of hate towards the forward to a new thread and she posted the above question...most people, men and women have taken offence to her belief that, regardless of what the other women are saying. That ANY women, involved in a one man multiple women situation, is obviously degrading to women. As some of you know in a D/s situation this can complicate things further.

Ok...the irony to the situation is her absolute reversal of the situation. At least according to the abundance of posts, she doesn't believe in simply evening the playing field, she believes it should be reversed....

Lastly, the funniest irony...on a site filled with slaves, masters, dominants, subs....people into water play, bondage, cutting etc...THIS is the most unhealthy "fetish" there. At least thats my feel. Of all the things to truly debate as "healthy"...a male in charge of women is seemingly more offensive than a guy who likes to be crapped and pee'ed on while being hung upside down and sensory deprived (my example btw...not from the site)...not that there is anything wrong with that, jsut using an extreme as an example.

I might have bits and pieces wrong, and I might be interpreting incorrectly, but thats how the OP in the thread comes across and has been interpeted by many people on the site. So I am just filling in partially what is missing from the top of this thread.

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