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Default One-Dick Fantasies

I am loving reading this board....Im so glad I found this place, and only wish I had found it sooner!

I was reading through the jealousy-envy thread, and someone posted about her husband not allowing her to have a boyfriend - but she could have a girlfriend...another poster called this a one-dick fantasy. Ive realized this is my dh - and i think it bothers me more than I let on, so I was hoping to get your thoughts on it.

We are in a FFM triad. Dh and I are legally married but Dw (if I had to name a primary or default) would be it. We are a newish triad (6months ish), and all live together. Dw still maintains a relationship with her dh who does not live with us. Her dh has expressed deep feelings for me for months now, and i have only just begun to realize that I, too, have feelings for him.

Since opening my mind to poly fully - I have wanted to explore - for lack of a better term. Im not saying, at all, that I would go out and date or sleep with everyone - but Id like to be able to open my heart to the possibility. DH has forbidden me, and in fact told me it would be a relationship ender for him, if I were to be with another man. In fact, he doesnt really like that Dw is still with her husband (though they havent had sex in months - partially because of my dh's negative opinions or reactions if they do).

I feel he is very confining, whereas i would like the option to explore...

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