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hehe..I am actually taking part in the initial discussion that spurred the one you are referencing. Very interesting and odd read ...

Do I agree that happens - hells I think it happens with all of them - hells no. By saying it does, that posted is removing a lot of power from the women who enjoy being in a triad/D/s/bdsm family. The choice to be a sub contains more power than the always will.

You have accidently removed some context from another thread where a woman is asking about finding herself a partner for her and her hubby. That series of posts is quite long. It content is also D/s eccentric which throws a whole other loop into the conversation.

I 100% understand where the op in that thread is coming from, however she is mistakenly insulting a lot of women, especially on a site like that, for giving up control of their rights and believing they are NOT choosing to be that way.

I find the original thread kind of ironic considering more than enough people are involved in the master/slave dynamic and can be 24/7...but she doesn't have a problem with that...

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