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Talking Still Blinking in the Sun


I came across some articles about Polyamory on t'internet for the first time yesterday.

What an epiphany! I am past fifty and I have been repressing this in myself for over three decades. Can you imagine the relief to find it's not the case that I am incapable of proper love? Can you feel the relief that their just might be a way for me to express feelings outside of my No 1 relationship without deceit? I am alternately weeping and grinning.

I am feeling the way homosexuals talk and write about their feelings when they discover and admit what they truly are, and 'come out' as gays. Emotionally it's a rebirth.

So share my joy for a while, then please, some of you help me deal lovingly with my poor wife who just doesn't get this (yet, I pray).

Help me talk to my sister who is about 10 years behind me so that I can save her some grief if possible, and help my find what to say to my 20 year old daughter who is showing strong signs of Polyamic (is that right) tendencies already

I am so so grateful to the people who have articles online and look forward to sharing thoughts and experiences here.

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