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Oh I know what you are saying ygirl. Just that often times I have found that I don't know what is going on for people in my community. Why is that? Are we all so afraid of stepping on toes, trying to be respectful, don't want to sound like we are bragging or making our out our lives are better than others? How does one announce that they may or may not start a deeper relationship with someone without it becoming something it was never meant to be or without it coming off wrong somehow. Do you know what I mean?

When I became interested in derby and we decided to see if there was something worth looking into between us I remember a distinct line being crossed between that feeling of "this ones different" and bam! We're girlfriends. Not just, we're dating, but it became something much bigger in one moment of someone asking if we are together. Not that I am objecting Ygirl, just making an observation. There was a moment in me that made me want to back away because I felt I should commit to something deeper than I was aware I wanted to yet. Now I'm in a position that because its all out that we are together I can breath easy again. The bar has been set and we just have to move toward that first rung.

Its hard to explain. Does anyone get what I am saying?

Sorry rolypoly, we are getting off course with this perhaps. Maybe? Maybe not?
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