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Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post

Mono, if entering into your relationship with RP was even remotely as intense as what I'm feeling right now, I have a whole lotta respect for you, man!

Redpepper is completely right about the intensity of starting and committing to a relationship with Redpepper. Admittedly the source of that intensity was almost solely derived from the mono/poly aspect of our relationship.

There's a lot of questions you'll probably have that I didn't have to ask myself. The wonderful thing is no matter what questions you have, you will be able to draw upon at least three people who genuinely care about you for support. The fastest way to get to the otherside of difficult questions is simply to open up and ask them. Once they are out there the only thing left is discussion and answers

You already are friends with everyone involved and there is already compatable energy I believe (energy is unbelievably important in my opinion)...similar to how Derbylicious and Redpepper's realtionship is evolving. We all cared about each other before so to transition into something closer is different than the inclussion of an "unknown" person. To me this generates a level of compersion already...The benefits in that are amazing!

Ask questions RolyPoly....this can be a lot smoother than it is often made

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