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GS: I was talking about dating couples in general, either couple-couple (quad), or single-couple (triad). Intuitively, it just seems highly unlikely that three or four people would all share enough in common to make a triad or quad be successful.

Ariakas: I'm not sure of statistics either, but we do have evidence that SOME vee's and monogamous relationships are successful, healthy and happy "til death do we part".

Lemondrop: A year is definitely a good start. If you can get that far, then clearly there's enough common ground for the romance to happen. At that point, I imagine, you just face most of the regular struggles as any couple. I'm not sure if I would consider something "successful" with less than at least 5 years, as a somewhat arbitrary benchmark. I just remember thinking (albeit in high school) that being in a relationship for a year was "such a long time" and then someone with 9 years under their belt pointed out to me that one year is still within the honeymoon phase. My relationship with my husband is in its 4th year, and now that the honeymoon phase is over, I can see what they meant. Now we're into the "hard work" phase. I don't love him any less, in fact I love him more, but it's definitely a different dynamic, and it can't flourish on the NRE anymore.
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