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Default new and confused is it poly or just a screwed up situati

help, i meet a man who is already in a good relationship, however we have managed to find ourelves in love and pretty much already in a relationship be that with very limmited physical contact apart from a lot of ''phone/text messages.... '' at an early stage he asked if i would have a threesome with them, i declined due to how i felt about him as i felt it would be unfair to her and that I worried he only wanted to validate his guilt, months later as our love grew and we both realised it had grown and developed as much as it could be in its present state we both had seperatly thought about bringing me into her life aswell he was having issues with having two relationships and wanted all of us to be together, since we made the desision to try this, we all went out for a drinks a few times, and we went ahead with the threesome which was great and she and I have begun a friendship since, but the issue is this, myself and this guy are still in a realtionship she has no idea about our plan to take all of us into a poly relationship future so we can all be in love and make it work -but A) how do we go about bringing her in (or be it bring me into the situation) without anyone getting hurt and B) can this really work.... he dosnt want to lose his girlfriend and I dont want to break them up or is how this all started likley to be the reason it wont work, how do these realtionships start......and last??
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