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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
We fought an emotional war to get here. Twice we hit breaking points where we had to make decisions about staying together. ....
This is so worth it. .....I am proud of us.
Wow, what a battle hey! I am proud of us too. What a long way from that conversation we had where you couldn't believe that my husband and I were still in love after all these years and couldn't believe that I wouldn't get bored at some point after our NRE wore off. I told you then that I would always love you and that this was real for me and that we could also be in love for a long time to come too. You looked so scared and disbelieving. There has never been a doubt in my mind. It is coming real... all that we wanted.

I think sometimes people get scared to face their fears when they get to a certain point in their relationships and are unable to move forward because of the disabling effect of that fear. In return they tend to stagnate and eventually fall out of love with one another. Of course sometimes people just get too busy and self absorbed also. What a gift it is when I face my fears and dive right into my relationships... I feel as if I have NRE (new relationship energy) all over again but on a deeper level! I know there is more NRE feelings to come as long as we work hard, it's our reward.... each other and the deepness of our love. I have it with my husband and now with you to Mono. i'm so lucky. Is it just luck? no, I think it's really hard work as well.... I love you. For all to hear. I love you.
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