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Well I guess what exactly are your concerns would be my first question.

I am in a polyamorous relationship (two men and one woman-I'm the woman).

We have 4 kids between us. The oldest is mine from a previous relationship, the next is my husbands from his first wife. We've been together since the oldest was 6 and the next was 18 months old.
The third is my husband and mine's son. The youngest is the bio child of myself and bf.

All 4 kids are raised as siblings and they all call me mom and dh daddy. (yes even the youngest) and they all call Greengecko by his given name.

Greengecko and I were both raised from religious backgrounds, hubby was not. We also all attend a local christian church together....

But I'd be happy to answer specified questions with examples of situations we've encountered and how we handled them if you wanted to consider potential things that could come up.
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