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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I have something in common with you LM, I'm dating a married woman and am married myself. I have a boyfriend too, Mono. Anyway, if I can help in anyway, please ask me

By the way, just because your partner *allows* you to be poly doesn't mean you need to be. Its your choice and there is no rush. It could be something to keep in mind, but not pursue right now.

well i am definitely not rushing anything.....what seemed to have prompted hm to even suggest it was how i interacted with one of my friends..and he has known since 4 and half years ago when we started seeing one another that i am bi...i have always been open about that. but even though he is ok with it doesn't mean i am going to even ever act on it.....i just really want to know more about it before jumping into things....i mainly want to be more assured that me having a relationship with another woman won't tear me and my primary partner he is the most important to me.

over all i DO think that one day i would like to possibly have an intimate relationship with another woman..but i will want to have known her for awhile and have really connected before making anything too serious.

i will be sure to keep you in mind for any questions i come up with redpepper thanks for your help!
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